Technical FAQ

Can I sync projects within one instance (e.g. within one Jira)?

Yes, this is supported. Setup of that integration is identical to setup of projects synchronization between different Jira instances.

Can I sync Jira Cloud with Jira Server?

Yes. Integration of all Jira version combinations is supported. E.g. you can integrate Jira Cloud with Jira Cloud, Jira Cloud with Jira Server, Jira Server with Jira Data Center etc.

What Jira versions are supported?

We supported Jira Cloud and Jira Server / DC >= 7.0

Is polling or pushing changes (issues) that should be synchronized? is working in polling changes mode. At a given interval, is fetching changes from integrated apps. More you can read in a Period changes fetching section.

What additional support do you offer?

For customers with premium support except standard support channels we also offer invitation to our Slack. There you can have direct access to Tech side of our product which can help or resolve your issues when they appear.

Do you provide built-int Self Monitoring and High Availability features for On-Premise deployment?

Not at this moment. We have planned to add features supporting both topics in a Q2 2021. Although, you can use still one of the tools from this list, which can be configured to alert you when server or installed product e.

Is a standalone platform?

Yes. It is a standalone platform separated from the Apps that it can integrate (including Jira). Jira apps are only used for Licensing purposes, but whole configuration, UI and synchronization logic is stored and performed outside of Jira. That's why for Jira Server / DC which are behind firewall its essential to use On-Premise version of More your can find on Architecture pages.

Is On-Premise version Dockerized?

Yes. On-Premise version is built up with few different tools like PostgreSQL, NGINX etc. To run it requires docker-compose. if you are interested in this, please contact with us at [email protected]

Dockerized version is suggested to use under a trial period, just to speed up time of installation and experience with platform. For production purposes we still recommend to use Linux VM based installation.