Integrations List

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Integrations list presents currently existing integrations within Getint. For each integration Name, Last Run and Status columns are presented. Disabled integrations are not executed by Getint.

Groups (2)

Groups provides a way to group related integrations together for easier management and edition. Every new integration is placed in a Default group. If you click on a group name integrations list will be filtered out and only integration from this group will be presented.

How to set group for integration?

Click on integration name from the above list and go to integration details. (1) Click on SETTING button to open integration settings. (2) Provide a group name. Click on SAVE on the settings popup and SAVE integration. Group should be visible on the GROUPS list

Actions (3)

Actions column allows to DUPLICATE or EXPORT particular integration. Exported integration can be imported with using IMPORT button which is placed above the list.

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