Correct Usage of the Resolution Field in Jira Integration

When integrating Jira with other applications, it's essential to understand the correct usage of fields to ensure data integrity and seamless workflow transitions. The Resolution field in Jira is unique because it cannot be updated directly like other fields. Instead, it must be set during the transition of ticket status. This document provides a thorough explanation and step-by-step instructions on properly using the Resolution field in integrations.

The Resolution field in Jira is crucial for accurate reporting and workflow management. Unlike other fields, it cannot be updated directly through field mappings. It is associated with workflow transitions, which means it can only be set when a Jira ticket's status changes.

Why Resolution Fields Should Not Be Included in Field Mapping

  1. Direct Updates Not Allowed:

    • The resolution field cannot be updated directly. Attempting to do so will result in errors and inconsistencies in the ticket statuses and workflows.

  2. Workflow Integrity:

    • Mapping the Resolution field directly will disrupt the workflow process and lead to incorrect reporting and data integrity issues.

  3. Correct Transition Handling:

    • The Resolution field must be handled during status transitions to maintain workflow integrity. This ensures that the resolution is set correctly and consistently.

Correct Placement of Resolution Field in Integration

Instead of including the Resolution field in the Field Mapping section, it should be included in the Transition Fields section. This ensures that the field is updated during the correct status transition of the Jira ticket.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Resolution Field in Transition Fields

Step 1: Access the Integration Settings

  • Navigate to Integration Settings:

    • Access the integration settings for your Jira project by clicking on edit integration

Step 2: Define Field Mappings

  • Field Mapping Section:

    • Define the standard field mappings as required (for instructions on how to map, see our quickstart guide)

Step 3: Set Up Transition Fields

  1. Access Transition Fields: Navigate to the status tab and choose the mapping for which you would like to configure resolutions, e.g. “Done” status. Then, click on the settings icon:

  • The transition field tab will appear. Map the Resolution field and then select the settings icon in the resolution to open the option to match fields to configure the transitions. This ensures that the field will be set during the appropriate status transition of the Jira ticket:

  1. Configure the Resolutions:

    • Match the resolutions:

Step 4: Save and Validate Configuration

  1. Save Settings:

    • Save the integration settings once all configurations are complete.

  2. Validate Integration:

    • Perform a test to ensure the Resolution field is set correctly during the ticket status transitions. Create a test ticket, transition it through the configured statuses, and verify the Resolution field is updated as expected.


Make sure to place the Resolution field in the Transition Fields section, not the Field Mapping section. This will maintain the integrity of your Jira workflows and ensure accurate reporting. Our document offers a detailed guide on how to set this up, improving the efficiency and reliability of your integration. If you need further assistance, please consult our support team at

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