Permissions Issue: Status Code 500

Discover how to handle situations where fields are inaccessible due to permissions. This issue often arises in integrations with restricted user access, resulting in the fields list not loading in your type mapping configuration. As a result, you may be unable to make changes to the integration. However, Getint offers the ability to customize team access, providing various options based on your preferences.

This problem arises when a user attempts to edit the integration without the necessary permission. To grant editing permissions for connections, the connections owner must authorize all workspace members to make edits. Here's how you can accomplish this:

  1. The connection owner should navigate to Workflows, select Connections, find the connection, and click on the three dots.

  1. Click on Edit, then proceed by clicking Next when prompted.

  2. Open the final dropdown menu and select the option Anyone in the workspace can edit, then save the connection.

In summary, when fields can't be fetched due to missing permissions, Getint provides customizable team access, allowing the owner to grant editing permissions for connections. This ensures smooth integration management despite permission restrictions. By authorizing all workspace members to edit connections, you maintain flexibility and control over your integrations, enhancing collaboration and productivity within your team.

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