Synchronising existing items on both sides

Once an integration has been set up via Getint, newly created items on both sides will start to synchronize. However, no sync will happen for the items that existed before the integration was set up. These items might have been paired outside of Getint; however, Getint cannot recognize such pairings when the initial integration has been established.

In such cases, Getint allows such pairings by following a few steps as mentioned below:

In the import screen:

  • Select the relevant integration.

  • Select the side of the integration.

  • Select "Automatically capture data of imported items" if data capturing needs to be performed during the first run of integration. The condition is that Jira must be on the left side app of the integration.

  • Click Apply

Please note that Getint is not yet aware of the pairing once the Import has been set up as above. Further steps described below should be carried out to pair the related items:

  1. Fetch all the imported items in Jira (in this case DEMO-1, DEMO-2, DEMO-3) and perform a bulk update. You can simply add a label "getint_import_sync" to perform an update on these items.

    • Login to your Jira instance and navigate to the Search screen.

    • Go to Labels, check the box, and enter "getint_import_sync," then click "Next."

    • In the next screen, click "Confirm." This will now bulk update all the related items.

Once the above two steps are done, Getint will now pair the related items with the next synchronization job. Going forward, any further updates to the items will be synchronized accordingly.

NOTE: Please be informed that

  • The import process is limited to pairing of 100 records per run, so you need to ensure that the pairing is performed in chunks of 100. This is valid only if you are on a full license.

  • The import process is limited to pairing of 5 records if you are on a trial version

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