Create a custom field in ServiceNow

In certain scenarios, it would be useful to create custom fields in ServiceNow to map them accordingly with the other side (for example, Jira). Below are the detailed steps to create a custom field in ServiceNow:

  1. Navigate to any form (ex. Incident/Change/Problem).

  2. Click the 3 bars (as depicted below) and select Configure > Form Layout.

  3. In the Create new field section, fill in the following fields.




Enter the name of the field as you want it to appear on forms and lists.


Select a field type.

Field length

Select a field length. This field is visible only for certain field types.

View name

Select the view for displaying the new field. Choosing Default view is recommended.


Select the section to display the field.

  1. Click Add.

  2. Use the slushbucket to place the field in the desired location on the form.

  3. Click Save.

    The field will now appear on the form in the designated location.

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