Post-Create Updates

Post-Create updates feature let you to update the item that triggered synchronization which result in creation of new item. This might be helpful when you want to save some data about the newly created item in the "creator" item, e.g. new item ID and URL.

For each type mapping, in Advanced section, you can provide a json schema with fields that should be updated. In our example we have Jira and Azure integration, where Jira is on left hand side and Azure on right hand side, and we are going to set this up for Task - Task type mapping.


Lets say we want to put the Jira ID into a custom field available in our Azure instance called "My Field". To achieve that we should put in a RIGHT (because Azure is on right hand side) textarea, a JSON like this:

   "My Field": "${}"

As you can see here, we are using a dynamic variable ${} which will be replaced with an ID of left item.

If "My Field" field is not on Fields mapping, we need to make aware of its existence. It can be achieved by providing for it some hardcoded text e.g. "n/a" and disabling "On Create" and "On Update" options. It will result in ignoring this mapping during sync (but won't affect post-create update functionality)

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