Sharing Access Permission


To facilitate a smoother support experience, Getint now offers an option for Jira Cloud and Getint Cloud users to share access to their accounts or instances. This enables our specialized support team to directly assess and address any issues you may encounter during your integration process.

Grant Access to Your Instance

Once the Getint support team requests access to your instance for detailed troubleshooting, you can approve this request to allow them to assist you more effectively:

  • Access can be revoked at any time.

  • Members of the Getint support team will be able to preview integration configurations, but will not have access to any other part of your system, including logs, unless explicitly shared.

The Getint support team will only have access to the integration configuration and specifically shared sync logs.

Approving Getint Support Access

  • In your Getint app, go to the settings by selecting the gear icon on the left side menu.

  • Click on "Account Access" then select “Approve Getint Access” to authorize our support team's entry into your instance.

Sharing Access to a Specific Run

  • Go to the "Reporting" section and locate the run you want our support team to investigate or troubleshoot.

  • Click on the three dots on the right side of the run entry and select “Share with Support.”

  • This action allows support to view and investigate the details of the specific run.

How to Share Your Instance ID

Locate Your Instance ID

  • To begin, your instance ID is required. Our support team typically requests it during interactions, but you can proactively share it.

  • Open the Getint app and click the question mark icon in the lower left corner. A popup will display both the app version and your Instance ID.


By sharing access to both your instance and specific runs, you enable our support team to understand and resolve issues more efficiently, ensuring seamless functionality of your integrations. If you encounter any difficulties or have questions during this process, please reach out to for assistance.

Note: Getint support will access integration configurations and shared sync logs. Please share relevant logs as needed for comprehensive support.

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