Welcome to the Onboarding page of Getint – your comprehensive guide to getting started and making the most out of our platform.

Embarking on your journey with Getint is an exciting step towards enhancing your team's collaboration and workflow efficiency. Our onboarding process is designed to help you swiftly familiarize yourself with Getint’s capabilities, reducing the time and effort required for internal training.

What is Getint's Customer Onboarding?

Getint's customer onboarding is a specialized service aimed at providing a smooth introduction to our platform. This service is tailored to meet the needs of various customer tiers, based on their specific plans. During onboarding, you'll be paired with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will guide you through the nuances of Getint, from basic functionalities to more complex customization and workflow consultations.

The scope of your onboarding will depend on several factors, including your selected plan, the applications you're integrating, and the overall breadth of your integration project.

Key Topics in Getint Onboarding Sessions

Once you subscribe to Getint, keep an eye on your email for an onboarding invitation. This invite will allow you to schedule a session at a convenient time. If you're struggling to find a suitable slot, don’t hesitate to contact us directly – we're committed to accommodating clients across different time zones.

Onboarding sessions are conducted via platforms like Google Meet or Zoom, facilitating an interactive experience with screen-sharing capabilities.

Your session will be tailored to your specific requirements, covering topics essential for maximizing your use of Getint. A typical onboarding agenda includes:

  • Understanding and aligning with your business goals.

  • Deep diving into your existing workflow.

  • Offering advice on workflow development, especially if you're in the initial stages.

  • Providing insights on customizing your flows optimally.

  • Introducing you to Getint's latest features and functionalities.

Preparing for Your Onboarding

To get the most out of your onboarding session, here are a few preparatory steps:

  • Ensure all relevant tools are connected on the Getint integrations page. Some tools, like Jira, may require additional setup steps prior to integration.

  • Set up a few test projects and synchronize them. This exercise will help you formulate specific questions and understand how Getint aligns with your actual workflow.

The Getint onboarding experience is more than just a tutorial – it's a customized journey that equips you and your team with the knowledge and skills to make the most of what Getint has to offer. We look forward to assisting you in streamlining your workflows and achieving your business objectives with Getint.

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