Setting Up Your ServiceNow Developer Instance

Discover the straightforward process of creating a ServiceNow Developer Instance. This guide provides essential steps to quickly set up your developer environment in ServiceNow.

As an internal user to learn about SNOW integration, one of the first steps to do is to create a developer instance on SNOW.

  1. Now login, and navigate to settings to update the User Role.

  2. By default, the User role is set to ‘App Engine Studio Creator’. It needs to be updated to Admin. Click Change User Role and the below screen appears.

  3. Select ‘Admin’ in the above screen and click ‘Change User Role’. Close the window

  4. Click the ‘Start Building’ button to start your instance. A new page opens up

  5. You can choose from the ‘All’ menu and then select the relevant type (Incident, Problem, etc) to start building

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