Storing counterpart link in the task comment

An easy way to associate a task of your workspace to its counterpart is to allow GetInt to store the link to the counterpart as a comment in both tickets/tasks.

Note: In case you would like to bulk filter or change tasks on your workspace(s) through their conterpart’s ID / URL with more efficiency, please refer to: Storing reference ID / URL of counterpart.

Step 1: Go to your GetInt integration editor

  • Add or edit a type mapping to bring up the type mapping configuration:

    • With the type mapping configuration screen open, switch to the “Comments & Attachments” tab:

    • This checkbox is already selected by default, to hide these comments. This avoids potential confusion from mass notifications when the tickets/tasks are updated with the comments after synchronization or migration, especially in large-scale operations.

      • After unchecking the checkbox, click “Apply” at the right bottom of the Type Mapping Configuration window, and save the changes made on your integration.

      Step 3: Migrate data again or wait for the next sync run

      • From this point on, you can decide if you want to have this effect applied to all of your synchronized tasks, or to only have it applied to all subsequent tasks from that moment (in any case, all subsequent tasks from this moment will have the effect applied unless the checkbox is checked again).

    Apply the effect to the current backlog: Go to the “Migrate data” screen, select “Migrate and recreate their counterparts” for the next migration run and migrate data. In case you still have all the tasks that you want to have the effect applied on the receiving end, this will duplicate your backlog, so please be aware that you will probably have to delete the previous versions of the tickets/tasks to not see duplicates.

    Apply the effect to all subsequent tasks created: From the moment you enable the feature, and save the integration, all newly created tasks will have this effect applied.

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