Network License

At Getint, we've crafted a specialized Network License for organizations that navigate the complexities of synchronizing four or more applications or instances. This offer is ideally suited for businesses that extend their services across multiple platforms, catering to the nuanced needs of software development firms, marketing agencies, UX/UI design studios, support services, and any entity servicing a broad range of third-party companies.

Understanding the limitations of one-to-one tool integrations, our Network License is designed to facilitate broader, more complex integration scenarios. It allows for the connection of multiple tools or instances beyond the standard single-pair integration, such as linking several Jira instances to various Azure DevOps instances.

This license is not unlimited but is structured to significantly enhance your capacity to create and manage multiple integrations and tools, thereby expanding your operational flexibility and integration reach.

If your organization requires advanced integration capabilities, handling four or more tools or tool instances, our Network License could be the perfect fit. To explore how this offer can be tailored to your specific integration challenges and to discuss the benefits it could bring to your service portfolio, please reach out to us at Discover the potential of extended integration with Getint.

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