Security and compliance

On this page you can find informations related to the security of platform. In case you have more questions please email us at

We do our best to meet Security standards expectations of our customers. Although, if for some reasons what you find here would not meet your requirements, you can always use a On-Premise (Self-Hosted) version of This should let you to to run platform fully behind firewall, within your company infrastructure.

Overview platform is providing services to synchronize data according to integrations created by its users. is hosted by Linode provider, in UE zone. ALL HOSTA and DATA STORAGE are EU Zone Based. Each customer, despite the app wanted to synchronize, has an option to use either Cloud or On-Premise deployment model. responsibility is monitoring and managing servers, as well as providing support for its customers according to the purchased SLA.

Data storage

In a cloud deployment model, each customer data is stored in a separate-schema mode in platform databases. Web requests are authenticated and authorized before any data is accessible.

Stored data aims to store only as much data as needed to perform integrations, that are configured by the users. Those are: connection credentials, integrations configuration details, performed integrations logs and results. Logs data is stored for maximum 14 days. Data used for synchronization purposes is kept as long as integration is up and running. Maximum period of time is not at the moment configurable but there are already plans for implementation this feature.


When a customer stops using services, all data provided by the customer during platform configuration will be removed after 30 days. Although, reserves a right to store the data for a longer period, if those data will be needed for business purposes. If that case occurs, the customer will be notified via email.

Access employees access the data only for the maintenance, monitoring or on a specific customer request (f.e. for support purposes).

Only authorized employees have the access to the data.

Customers are responsible to access platform from secured, protected networks using modern web browsers.


Databases backups are performed once per day and are retained for 30 days.

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