Selecting the Correct app per license

Users may face a license issue when trying to create integrations while under the incorrect app.

All of our apps are using the same platform (same backend), so the instances will look identical.

However, each integration has its complexity and its licensing model. Because of that, users must make sure to select the correct app for the integration they are looking to build to evade license issues/errors.

If the status of your latest run is negative, and you see the error “Failed to fetch flow triggers: Invalid Jira license” on the run details, you may have selected the incorrect app for the integration you are trying to build.

Troubleshoot for Jira integrations (using Asana as an example)

To resolve this, first asses what integration you would like to build:

  1. If your trial is active, simply click on the Apps at the top of your screen, and select the correct app for your integration:

  2. Activate the trial if you still don’t have it, otherwise, simply click on Apps and select your Jira Integration app:

After selecting the app and moving to the app integration screen, build your integration as you wish.

Note: If you are using our app to integrate (f.e. Jira - Asana) and now you would like to scale to integrate Asana with DevOps for example, we can generate a new license key that will enable this within the Jira app.

(This option requires another license key that needs to be purchased from us, for purchasing this extra licenses key please reach out to

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