How to Filter Comments

With the introduction of the comments filtering feature in Getint (available from version 1.59), you can now further customize your integrations. This feature allows you to establish conditions to either include or exclude comments based on your selected criteria. For example, you can configure the system to exclude all comments that lack a certain value or to include all comments that contain specific values.

Where to Find the Comments Filtering Feature

Go to your integration and select the type mapping you want to modify, then click on Comments & Attachments. From this tab, you can set different parameters according to your needs:

  1. You can synchronize comments either one way or both ways. However, note if you select one-way sync for an app, the option for the other direction will be greyed out.

  2. In the next dropdown, you can add conditions to your filtering options, allowing you to exclude or permit comments that either match or do not match your specified criteria.

  3. Select the Attribute and the Condition of your filters.

  4. Click on Apply, and SAVE your integration to submit your changes.

Getint provides a robust and flexible way to filter comments in your integrated apps. By understanding how to use this feature, you can ensure that only the relevant comments get synced, enhancing the efficiency of your workflows.

Remember, if you encounter any issues or need further assistance, Getint’s support team is always ready to help.

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