Migration support, and onboarding

Considering a migration?

Our tool can help you out 🙂

As we learned helping plenty of companies migrate from one tool to another, migration projects are usually time-sensitive.

We offer standard migration licenses for 3 months, which is usually the perfect time to execute small migrations (usually up to 8k tasks, just a few projects).

We know, that oftentimes you don’t have time to learn the tool, the pressure is high, and the expectations of your business stakeholders are big.

What is an acceptable SLA for integrations (72h response time), when you have time to read the docs and learn the tool may not be acceptable with you’re on a clock, and your project is complex.

That’s why, for every migration license we offer an onboarding process and consultation package of time for our consultants.

Basic migration package

  • up to 3 projects;

  • 8,000 tasks;

  • 3 types;

  • 5 standard fields

5h of onboarding for 500$, every extra hour for 100$

Advanced migration package

  • up to 10 projects;

  • 20,000 tasks;

  • 5 types including sub-tasks;

  • Standard, mappable fields

15h mix of onboarding and consulting for 1,800$, every extra hour for 120$

Enterprise migration support package:

  • plenty of projects;

  • a mix of standard and nonstandard fields that may require scripting;

  • support in setting up the scope and consulting sessions for business stakeholders.

Price calculated individually, reach out to get a quote

Full-scope migration project execution:

  • setting up the scope;

  • setting up the getint platform;

  • optional customization;

  • optional script writing;

  • test migration;

  • production migration;

  • reporting progress to stakeholders;

  • support

Reach out to jacek@getint.io to discuss what would be best in your case.

Please remember, that if you decide not to get the optional packages listed here, you will be entitled to the standard SLA, and your tickets will have to wait in standard queue. The SLA is 72h response time - usually it's much quicker than this, but there are moments when there is indeed 72h needed.

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