Customized create / update actions

Sometimes there is a need to customize slightly direction of the integration. Common cases are when apps should be synchonized strictly in a one way direction or one app should be receiving only updates and not get new items from the other app.

Example: We are connecting Jira and GitLab. Product owners using Jira want to send stories for development to GitLab. They are interested only in receiving updates on the stories - e.g. status, or comments. To achieve this we go to particular type mapping, Advanced tab, and enable Customize create / update actions feature. On Jira side we uncheck Create Task(s) checkbox, which means that tasks won't be created in Jira. We leave Update Task(s) checked, as we still want to receive updates.

So configuration of create / update actions like on above screenshot, will result in:

  • Jira new tasks will be moved to GitLab

  • Jira updated tasks will be moved to GitLab

  • GitLab new issues will NOT create new tasks in Jira

  • GitLab updated issues, which were created from Jira tasks, will be synced to Jira

How to disable particular type mapping from sync?

To disable one of type mappings that are configured for integration you should disable all Actions in Advanced tab. E.g. we would like to disable Sub-Tasks from syncing.

  • Click on a type mapping.

  • Click Advanced tab.

  • Enable customization and disable all possible create and update actions.

  • Save Integration.

From now own all items that belongs to Subtask - Sub-Task mapping should be ignored from synchronization. That applies also to migration runs.

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