Transition fields

Some apps like Jira, ServiceNow and Azure DevOps requires transition fields to be set up. Transition fields are the fields which are provided when the status is being changed from A to B.

For example, for Jira Resolution is mostly a transition field, so if Jira issue is moved from IN PROGRESS to DONE it still requires the resolution to be provided, which can be Fixed, Duplicate, Won't Do etc.

In similar way it works for ServiceNow. ServiceNow in default requires Close Code and Close Notes to be provided when Ticket is moved to Closed or Resolved state.

How to find out that transition fields are missing?

If you see in run logs error message stating that there were some fields missing, like below, it can indicate that there was an error during status transition

Invalid response status code received (expected: 200 but got 403). Response: {"error":{"message":"Operation Failed","detail":"Data Policy Exception: \n\tThe following fields are mandatory: Resolution code, Close notes"},"status":"failure"}

How to set Transition Fields?

Please have a look at the short video below showing how to set Transition Fields when the

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