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Jira Jira Licensing Model Explained

Overview of Our Licensing Model

Our standard licensing approach is tailored to the number of connections or instances you're integrating. Simplified, this means you only need a single app installed on Jira to facilitate integration (e.g., connecting 1x Jira instance to 1x Azure DevOps requires just the Jira app).

Special Considerations for Jira-Jira Integrations

However, integrating Jira with another Jira (both Software and Service Management) instance necessitates a different model. Why the exception? Previously, our model did not differentiate between the sizes of the companies being integrated. This often led to scenarios where large enterprises were linked with smaller ones, paying only for the smaller instance's license but requiring enterprise-level support and generating data volumes typical of larger organizations. This discrepancy meant the costs incurred by us were not adequately covered by the licensing fees.

To address this, the basic requirement for Jira-Jira integrations is to have a valid license (app installed) on each Jira instance being connected by Getint. The integration can be managed from a single user interface on one of the Jira instances, with the app installation serving primarily for licensing purposes.

Remote License Option

We understand there might be situations where installing an app on both Jira instances is not feasible, such as when integrating with a partner company unwilling to install any Jira apps on their end. For these cases, we offer a "Remote License" for a fixed fee, providing a flexible solution to this challenge. For more details, please contact support@getint.io .

Flexible License for Managed Services and Multi-Instance Integrations

For managed services companies or any organization looking to integrate four or more instances (regardless of whether they are the same or different tools), we introduce our "Flexible License." This custom license fee covers a specific number of connections (e.g., up to 10 instances), without restrictions on the tools involved. You are also free to swap the integrated tools while the license remains active, offering unparalleled flexibility to adapt to changing needs.

For inquiries about our "Remote License" or "Flexible License" options, or for further clarification on our Jira licensing model, please reach out to us. We're here to ensure your integration process is smooth, compliant, and optimized for your specific business requirements.

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