How to pay for the apps

For seamless management and integration of your workflows, Getint offers a range of Jira-related applications, including but not limited to:

Atlassian Marketplace Payments

By default, all Jira-related integrations are payable via the Atlassian Marketplace at the conclusion of the trial period. To ensure a smooth transition to a paid plan:

  • Verify that payment settings are activated within your Atlassian account.

  • Visit any of the specific app links above to see if a "BUY" button is available. Clicking it will set you up for purchase confirmation once the trial concludes.

Alternative Payment Methods

Should you require access to paid features ahead of schedule, including migrations, on-premise configurations, custom development, or premium SLA options, we're here to facilitate that. Direct payments can be arranged through:

  • Stripe (Credit Card): For quick and secure transactions.

  • Bank Transfer (Invoice): We issue an invoice for bank transfers in USD, accommodating those who prefer traditional payment methods.

These alternatives are also the primary routes for processing payments for Non-Jira related integrations, ensuring direct billing from us to you.

For integrations not involving Jira, we handle the billing process directly with two straightforward payment options:

  • Bank Transfer in USD: Based on the issued invoice.

  • Stripe: For expedited and secure credit card transactions.

For more details on payment options or to discuss your specific integration needs, please don't hesitate to reach out to We're committed to providing you with the flexibility and support needed to optimize your integration processes efficiently.

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