Azure DevOps Asana integration

Asana Azure DevOps integration, synchronization, migration. All that is possibile with platform. To get a demo access, write to us at

To set up two-way Asana Azure DevOps Integration, follow the video tutorial below:

Build your workflow in 5 minutes - step by step guide

1. Click "Create integration"

2. Connect to Asana

Choose a previously established connection with Asana (or if you don't have any connection established before, create a new one).

2a Generate Asana token, use it as a password (If you're establishing a new connection)

Go to the Asana developer console, to generate a Token, that needs to be used as a password

3. Connect to Azure DevOps

Now it's time to select/setup an Azure DevOps connection. If you need to create the connection, follow the video below. Select BasicAuth as Authentication Method, name your connection as you wish, provide a valid URL to your Azure DevOps instance, and then your admin login. Your password is a token that you need to generate, go to step 6 for instruction on how to do it. Make sure you have admin rights, and that you're logged in using them.

3a. Azure DevOps Token generation

Go to Personal Access Tokens, in your Azure DevOps instance. Generate a new Token, copy it, and use it as a password.

4. Select Azure DevOps project to sync/integrate

Since the connection is established, now it's time to select the project you want to synchronize.

5. Type Mapping - Asana to Azure DevOps

Time for Type Mapping. What do you want to integrate? The Task with User Stories? The Sub-Tasks with Tasks? It's up to you, depending on your use case.

6. Name the connection, click "create"

Advanced settings

7. Enable comments and attachments sync/integration

To enable attachment, and comments synchronization go to the "Comments & Attachments" Tab, click "enable", click "Done" to save the setting.

8. Configure statuses sync

The last step is configuring statuses synchronization. Go to the "Statuses" tab, enable the sync.

Select "section" from a dropdown menu on the Asana side, and "Status" on the ADO side.

Add value mapping: - Done (on the Asana side) to Closed and Resolved (on the ADO side) - In progress do Doing, - and so on.

9. Configure subtasks sync

It's possible to add subtasks integration (hierarchy) - in order to set it up, go to the "Hierarchy" tab, and mark enable checkbox. Configure the relationship.

Save your settings.

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