Integration status


When the integration status is set to 'Enabled', the integration is active and operational. This means it is ready to seamlessly integrate newly created items such as tasks, incidents, service requests, bugs, issues, epics, etc., as well as items updated after the creation of the integration. For transferring historical items that predate the integration setup, you should utilize the migration feature. This ensures that all your relevant data, both new and old, is accurately synchronized.


On the other hand, when the integration status is 'Disabled', the integration is essentially inactive. This means it will not process any new or updated items. This status can be useful when you need to pause the integration for maintenance, updates, or while making changes to your workflow or system configurations. It's important to remember that while in this state, no data synchronization will occur. Once you're ready to resume, simply switch the status back to 'Enabled' to reinitiate the integration process.

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