Attachments Sync

Users can migrate and/or synchronize attachments from Monday tasks to other management software that we support (see supported software here) with our tool.

Addendum: We are still to support inline images, so please note that at the time being inline images won’t be properly synchronized or migrated. To keep an eye on our future update releases, please check: Platform releases At the time, Monday has a file size limit for task attachments of 500MB. For more information on how to manage files in Monday, please visit this article: How to manage files in

If you have attachments on your Monday tasks and would like to migrate or sync these attachments to the software of your choice, you must enable “Synchronize attachments”, under the “Comments & Attachments” section of the mapping configuration.

By default, “Synchronize comments” is already enabled, but “Synchronize attachments” must be enabled manually.

Sync Direction

  • You can choose if the sync is gonna be bi-directional (files attached to tasks or tickets from any side will be migrated to the other side and synced), or uni-directional (only migrate and sync attachments and changes from side A to side B, changes made in the side B won’t cause changes to the tickets/issues of side A).

Comments and attachments visibility

  • As you can also attach files to Monday tasks through the “files” field, you may not this field’s similar counterpart in the software you are looking to migrate or sync to.

  • For the attachments to be migrated and/or synced successfully, “Synchronize comments” must be enabled, and its “Sync direction” configured.

If you set to ‘add comments as private to the’ counterpart, only allowed collaborators in your organization (per configured in your organization) will have access to comments and/or attachments of the migrated/synced tickets or issues.

Depending on how you configured your organization, you can synchronize and/or migrate attachments to the counterpart as public comments in the tickets or issues, allowing anyone with access to that ticket or issue to be able to visualize the attachments.

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