Items Filtering

Integrations/Workflows you build are scoped to particular apps and workspaces / projects within those apps. Syncing all tickets from particular project is not always a case. Pretty often there is a need to sync only some specific portion of items or start syncing an item only when its in a particular state like it get some particular status or custom field value. Only then such item should be synchronized to ther app and data should be kept in sync.

This feature is available officially from 1.40.0 version of Getint

Where to find Items Filtering

In Getint, you can specify filters for each app being integrated. Click on FILTER icon next to the app to define filters rules that will be applied to the items coming from that particular app. Filters rules will be verified at the same beginning of the sync and if they do not match, sync will be broken due to unmet condition.

Filters rules

Once you click on a FILTER icon, you will see a right side window where you can define set of rules that will be checked for item coming from a particular app.

1) You can specify to which items defined set of rules should be applied. There are available 3 sets:

  • ALL items filters - rules will be verified for every item before a sync

  • NEW items filters - rules will be verified only for newly created items theat were not yet synced

  • SYNCED items filters - rules will be verified for items that were already synced in the past

Example: if you specify rules for both sets ALL items filters and NEW items filters , new items that were not yet synced must match criteria from both sets.

1) Add rule

  • Select a FIELD on which rule will be evaluated.

  • Next select operator. Mostly CONTAINS operator is being used as it only requires you to provide portion of a value that such field should contain (e.g. if its Jira status, to use it with EQUAL operator you would need to know status ID and its name. To use it with CONTAINS its enough to provide only status name). Contains is case sensitive

  • Click ADD button to add it on a list

2) If you would like to remove rule, click on TRASH icon

3) Once you are done with defining rules click APPLY to persist Items Filtering for a particular app. Remember to SAVE integration

If you provide multiple rules within one section (ALL / NEW / SYNCED), they will be joined with AND operator, so all rules will have to be met by item to pass it for further sync

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