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List of latest core Getint platform releases

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Historical versions

Version 1.41.6



  • Jira - Fixed NullPointerException when generating related links

  • Wrike - comments synchronization added

  • Wrike - syncing text custom fields is now supported

  • Wrike - IS MILESTONE field added. It becomes TRUE if Task is of Milestone type, otherwise false

  • Wrike - support for Dropdown fields sync

Version 1.41.5



  • Fixed adding as private comments for those apps that do not give possibility to define public / private comments configuration


  • Zendesk - Support for API tokens!

Version 1.41.4



  • Removed not supported operators from Items Filtering

Jira DC/Server Apps:

  • ADVANCED mode (Scripting) is enabled for Jira Server/DC apps. Gain more control over what is synchronized


  • Jira - fetching visibility information for comments. It can be later used in advanced scripting to filter out comments that should be synced by visibility

  • Jira - linked items to be available as a text so it can be inserted into other apps like Monday

  • ServiceNow - support for syncing date time fields with Date/DateTime fields in Jira

  • Monday - improved mapping between other app Single/Multi Select field and Monday String field. Right now there will be no repetitions in Monday field

  • Monday - sync Jira labels with string field in one direction

Version 1.41.1



  • Items Filtering can do right now OR conditions ! Use CONTAINS ONE OF to define list of possible values for a field

Version 1.41.0



  • Prompt reminding you that there are unsaved changes to the integration. Don't loose your integration changes anymore!

  • ON CREATE and ON UPDATE options are back for fields mappings


  • Freshservice - syncing status with Jira fixed (ID of Fresh status is taken from now)

  • Monday - improved conversion for STRING type columns

  • Asana - improved conversion for STRING type columns

Version 1.40.1




  • Jira - support for syncing multi select dropdowns with single select dropdowns

  • Jira - support for syncing date time fields

  • Jira - fix for Organizations are not fetched from JSD

  • Azure DevOps - improved connection creation with additional url validation


  • Possibility to execute custom script during status transition

Version 1.40.0


Version 1.39.0


  • NEW UI EXPERIENCE! We have redesigned workflow builder page to make it more intuitive and easier to use. More improvements to come. Stay tuned !

  • ITEMS FILTERING - Beta version - long waited feature for filtering items based on their fields values. Right now you can filter items with just few clicks directly from UI. Build filters and leave only those items that should be synced


  • Freshdesk - improvements to migrating large amount of tickets

  • Archiver - feature for exporting archived items fields data to CSV

Version 1.38.0


  • several improvements to UI making Getint more intuitive and and friendly to use


  • Jira DB connector - fixed resolution of issues fetching

  • Jira DB connector - fixed convertion of malformed Jira update / create timestamps to UTC timestamp

Jira Server/DC Apps:

  • Oracle - important - fixed SQL query for Oracle 19

Version 1.37.4

Jira Server/DC Apps:

  • Oracle - important - fixed SQL query for Oracle 19

Version 1.37.2


  • Performance improved with fixed saving logs to logs files

Jira Server/DC Apps:

  • Oracle - fixed SQL query when when running integrations


  • Jira - New way of calculating Jira issues timestamp to sync more efficiently changes

Version 1.36.3


  • When mapping select/multi-select fields with text fields, DEFAULT VALUE option will be automatically selected as USE LABEL FROM OTHER SIDE (you won’t need to set it manually anymore !)

  • Multi select fields (of DataType = IdLabelArray), when mapped with text field (of DataType = String) will be converted to list of selected labels list separated by comma

  • Fix when converting empty strings to Double type values

  • OR operator available for Break Flow conditions

  • Export to CSV run syncs according to applied filters

Jira Server/DC Apps:

  • Fixed license check. So far, if user used for integration was not admin, license validation was failing and integration was not running at all.


Version 1.36.2


  • Fixed option for Skipping already migrated items (In latest versions, GetInt was migrating already synced anyway)

Jira Server/DC Apps:

  • Fixed enabling / disabling of integrations


  • Asana - support for Created field - you can sync it to a custom field in Jira to store creation date time of Asana task

  • Freshdesk - support for attachments sync

  • GITLAB - avoid sending update item request object if there is no data

  • Jira - truncate summary to 255 characters

Version 1.36.1

Jira Server/DC Apps:

  • Security fixes - bumped versions of libraries containing high vulnerabilities


  • Jia - fixed REST API endpoints building (removed additional “/”)

Version 1.36.0


  • support for syncing attachments containing language specific characters

  • notifications contain more details about errors

Jira Server/DC Apps:

  • Cleanup setting for removal of data collected during syncs

  • Installation bugfix - failing logs directory creation


  • Jia / ServiceNow - fixed issue with syncing large number of comments

  • FreshDesk - fix preventing from downloading items for migration

Version 1.35.1

Important: Improved license checking added and fixed bug related to it

Version 1.35.0

Native Jira App just released !

​Introducing native Jira apps, available alongside standalone versions.The native app works for both Jira Server, and the Jira Data Center.Some minor features are missing when compared to the standalone OnPremise, or SaaS, but the tool will be updated, and all the features will be available soon.If you have a working version of Getint installed, and configured do not update. (edited)

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