Transparent and User-Friendly Pricing

  • Simplified Pricing Model: Unlike other tools that charge per template (like Workato), per action (Zapier), or items in sync (Unito), Getint's pricing is based on the number of instances integrated.

  • Unlimited Integration: Integrate as many projects and tasks as you need without worrying about additional costs. We encourage extensive usage as it reflects the tool’s value and necessity.

  • Predictable Costs: With clear pricing, enjoy peace of mind and predictable billing, making it easier for accounting and budget planning.

  • No Usage Penalties: Our pricing model is designed to encourage rather than limit your usage. The more you use Getint, the more value it brings to your team’s efficiency.

In conclusion, Getint not only delivers a wide array of features for effective data synchronization but also ensures a transparent and straightforward pricing model. This approach allows your teams to maximize efficiency without the worry of unexpected costs or limitations.

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