Integrating one project with many: Streamlining synchronization across multiple projects.

Integrating one project with multiple others requires a meticulous approach to prevent synchronization issues. Below are detailed steps on how to efficiently connect a single project to several others using the Getint application:

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Initiate Integration:

    • Begin the integration process after installing the Getint application.

    • Select connectors and map relevant fields.

  2. Set Up Filters for Precision:

    • Establish a label or choose a field to act as the filter.

    • Click the filter icon next to the app icon to filter by issue.

    • Opt for the "New" option in the drop-down menu for the field.

    • Choose the operator (e.g., "Contains") and define filter criteria (label, field, or keyword).

    • Apply the filter settings.

  3. Name and Save Integration:

    • Assign a unique name to the integration for easy project identification.

    • Save the integration.

  4. Duplicate Integration for Multiple Projects:

    • Navigate to workflows and locate the recently created integration.

    • Select the three dots on the right and choose "Duplicate."

    • Rename the project to avoid confusion (preventing it from being labeled as a "copy of...").

    • Opt for the same project to serve as the central hub for sending and receiving tasks (1:N).

  5. Adjust Filters for Each Project:

    • Verify that the filter settings align with the specific projects and tasks.

    • Save the duplicated integration.

Ensure accurate synchronization across multiple projects by setting up precise filters and giving unique names to integrations for easy identification.

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