Resolving Error 500 in Jira ServiceNow Integration


Integrating Jira and ServiceNow enhances collaboration across software development and IT service management teams. However, an Error 500, indicating a server error often due to non-authorized access or connection issues, can halt this process. This guide outlines steps to troubleshoot and resolve such issues.

Troubleshooting Steps

Common Issue: Error 500 - Non-Authorized or Connection Issues

1. Verify Service Now URL

Incorrect URLs can often lead to connection issues. Ensure the URL for ServiceNow instances is correct in the Getint integration settings.

  • Double-check the URLs configured in the Getint integration setup to ensure they accurately reflect your Jira and ServiceNow instances.

2. Verify Access Control List (ACL) Settings in ServiceNow

First, ensure that the ACL settings in ServiceNow are correctly configured to grant the necessary permissions for accessing resources:

  1. Log in to your ServiceNow instance.

  2. Navigate to System Security > User

  3. Search for the ACL rules related to the integration user and verify the following:

    • The integration user has read and write access to necessary tables and fields.

3. Configure Dictionary_sys with Read Access

Correct configuration of the sys_dictionary table is essential to prevent authorization errors:

  1. Filter by Table name and locate sys_dictionary.

  2. Ensure the field has read and write access to the sys_dictionary table to avoid schema access issues.

4. Disable Password Reset Requirement

  1. Navigate to System Properties > Security.

  2. Find the property related to password reset requirements and disable it.

    • This ensures the integration's service account doesn't face authentication issues due to periodic password changes.

5: Ensure Proper ITIL Role Setup

The ITIL role is crucial for comprehensive access to necessary functionalities in ServiceNow.

  1. Go to User Administration > Users.

  2. Select the integration user account.

  3. In the Roles tab, ensure the ITIL role is assigned.

    • This role is crucial for the user to perform necessary operations within ServiceNow.


Following the steps should address the Error 500, smoothing the integration path between Jira and ServiceNow. Please also view the steps in the guide: Creating a ServiceNow User for Getint Integration

If you require more personalized assistance or encounter any obstacles not covered in this guide, don't hesitate to contact our support team at

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