Migration Guides

Migration feature let you to move items between different apps. Select one of prepared tutorial on how to migrate data between specific apps from left menu.

How it works shortly:

  • during a trial migration feature is disabled

  • feature is available only when requested and purchased

  • migration feature enables some additional options for integration / synchronization like:

    • time range from which, items that were created / updated should be picked up

    • direction of migration: from which to which app

    • what to do with already synced items: should be skipped, recreated or update their counterparts

  • migration feature when configured is making the next integration run, to be done in a MIGRATION mode. Although, still, it uses the same configuration of types, fields as during normal integration run

  • because migration operations can be very overloading and time consuming, we are migrating customers to dedicated environment for performing the migration. Doing this we make sure our infrastructure used by customers using live integration is not impacted

How to test migration on trial ?

Each customer during trial period is can test migration feature. There is 10 migration runs available. During each run maximum 5 items can be migrated. That should allow for testing feature and having insights before purchase.


In case of pricing, please read below page


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