Welcome to getint.io (about us)

Hello! Welcome at getint.io Docs page.
Getint.io - one app to boost them all!
Getint.io is a platform developed to integrate tools with each other. Thanks to getint.io you can now integrate, sync, migrate data between Jira, ServiceNow, Asana, Trello, GitHub, GitLab, Wrike, Zendesk, and Azure DevOps. More tools are joining soon.
You can integrate one app with another, and one to many. For example:
  • 1 Jira to 1 ServiceNow
  • One Jira to 3 ServiceNow
  • Jira with Jira
  • Jira to Asana
  • Jira to Asana, and to GitLab,
  • and so on.
Getint.io is a company founded by people with plenty of experience in the business of integrations. Getint.io was founded in 2019, but our experience in the business is much bigger. Finally, more than a year ago we decided to build something on our own. Why?
  • Most apps in the Atlassian Ecosystem are old, were developed many years ago, facing legacy code issues. We wanted to offer you something fresh, fast, well developed - using the experience we've got while using and developing other tools. We could learn from the mistakes we experienced before,
  • Pricing of those apps is often ridiculous, our goal is to offer the best value for money. That is why we offer you free migration from ConnectAll, Workato, Unito,
    a=ba = b
    Backbone, Exalate, TFS4JIRA,
  • Some awesome apps like Unito focus on ease of use for business people and offer only cloud versions. We wanted to focus on admins, offering them big customization options, great reporting, logs, and insights into what exactly is happening. The tool is easy to set up, and on top of it offers plenty of customization options to make sure it can work even in the most specific use case. Plus, we offer the platform as SaaS and on-premise. It can be sold via Atlassian Marketplace, or outside of it - to make sure we can meet requirements of any business, and legal department,
  • Customer service and a personal approach are key. Everyone says it. But for us customer service is crucial. That is why, we are not hiring external companies in Asia or any other part of the world, just to send you some default email on time. We really care for you, personally.