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How to pay for the apps

Are paid by default via Atlassian Marketplace - the payment is executed when the trial ends.
  • To make sure the payment could take place, make sure you have enabled the payments in your account.
  • Also, you can click on one of above links pointing to your app, and check if you see BUY button. If so, click it to confirm purchase when trial ends.

Alternatives to Atlassian Marketplace

If you need to get the paid version faster, you can reach out to us and we can handle the payment via Stripe (credit card) or via regular bank transfer (invoice).
This option is the only way to process the payment for premium features such as migrations, on-premise settings, custom development, and premium SLA.
All non-Jira related integrations are handled by us directly - there are two options:
  • Bank transfer in USD, based on the invoice
  • via Stripe
Reach out to [email protected] to talk about details.