Platform releases

List of latest core platform releases. Releases of app specific integrations will be available soon.

Coming releases

1.12 (Coming - 02.03.2021)

  • Azure DevOps (Cloud) integration - tasks (work items) sync with Jira, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Asana, GitLab, GitHub

1.11 (Coming - 10.02.2021)

  • Improved changes detection by integration threads
  • Improved Jira Server connection with
  • Fix version, component and components fields available
  • Title field will become a summary field (to match name with other apps)
  • Status can be mapped to custom field (e.g. Progress task(
  • Status can be mapped to particular lists (e.g. To Do , Done)
  • Possibility to map assignees

Latest releases

1.10 Advanced field mappings configurations

Platform (Core) updates:
  • Advanced field mappings configuration
  • Merged updates strategy for two-way integrations (if both synced items were modified, changes will be merged and in case of conflicts, will take the one set as preferred in settings)

1.9 Status transitioning

Platform (Core) updates:
  • Status transition enhancements for two-way integrations
  • Possibility to filter field options by custom parameters (like fetch users only from given company)
  • Performance improvements of field options fetching

1.8 Two-Way Integrations

Platform (Core) updates:
  • Automatic creation of instance for Jira Cloud
  • Two-way integrations enabled
  • Comments synchronization
  • Attachments synchronization
  • ServiceNow, GitLab, Asana enhancements

1.7 - Atlassian Marketplace Release

  • First release of platform available for external marketplaces
  • Apps for selected integrations added to Atlassian Marketplace
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