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REST Api requests list

Below you can find a list of endpoints which will be called by the during integration configuration and data synchronization.

During integration configuration

/api/now/v2/table/sys_choice?name=task&element=assignment_group - fetching e.g. groups for assignment group field
/api/now/v2/table/sys_user?sysparm_fields=sys_id,name - fetching users who can be assigned
/api/now/table/sys_dictionary?sysparm_query=name=incident - fetching fields from incident table

During synchronization

/api/now/v2/table/incident - creating incidents
/api/now/v2/table/incident/680e615edb83a010a1db5385ca9619e3 - update incident fileds, write comments
/api/now/attachment - fetching attachments by sys id
/api/now/attachment/upload - upload attachments