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Sometimes all you need is to migrate issues, tasks, incidents from one tool to the other.
And is here to help you with that.


Our experience taught us, that you need about 3 months, to make sure that the migration is well prepared, the people had the time to learn the new tool and ready to comfortably switch them, finally - that you had time to test that everything you wanted to migrate is migrated successfully.
When preparing for the migration, all seems so easy - but believe us, usually, it's not.
The tools differ, they have different fields, different statuses, finally different users. You need to map the necessary things correctly. You need to decide if you want to migrate comments, custom fields, and attachments too.
Since there is no point in charging per Jira user, or annually we have a different pricing model for the migrations. The price depends on the volume of issues to be migrated ( If you want to migrate up to 2,000 issues/tasks/incidents the cost is 1,200$. If between 2,001 - 8,000 the cost is 1,500$ and there is custom pricing for the scope above this number (some companies need to migrate 1 million tasks, some 50,000) for 3 month migration license.
Reach out to us to discuss the price.
We enable the migration feature once we receive the payment, then after a few days, you're ready to migrate your historical issues (the setup is similar to the regular integration, but you need to specify the time range).

Migration assistance

For those, who don't want to setup the migration themselves, we offer additional consulting service, where we can setup the tool for you.
To do it, we need:
  1. 1.
    Access (admin account) to both tools
  2. 2.
    An excel file with all the types, and fields you'd like to migrate (here is the template
The price depends on the complexity of the project, the rate is 100$/h.