Deployment modes (Cloud/Server/Data Center) has been designed to support customers who have their own infrastructure (on-premise), for those that prefer to use the software in the cloud (SaaS) and for those with corporate infrastructure requiring extreme security measures.
Security is one of the aspects that is crucial for our customers, and for us. That is why the on-premise deployment (on customer's own servers) is often the prefered one. The flexibility in deployment models is what distinguishes us from many other competitors on the market.

Deployment modes to choose from

Saas - Cloud - Hosted by

The dedicated platform instance is hosted on servers. For each instance, the separate database is created. This is the default deployment option for Jira Cloud applications (if you're a Jira cloud customer, and want to choose different deployment option - simply contact us at [email protected] to learn more.

On-Premise - Hosted by the customer

To meet the data security requirements of the different organizations (like fintech, health tech companies with very sensitive data), we offer the On-Premise deployment version. This is practically the same version as the one created in the SaaS/Cloud model, but possible to be installed on owned by customers servers.
After the installation on the client's server, and after the license authentication, the platform does not perform any requests to servers - it is connected only to the authenticated applications, configured by the client in the workflow builder. All data, logs, passwords and platform configurations processed by the platform are held by the client on his servers.
This deployment model is the default one for all Jira Server/Data Center apps. That is why, after installing the app on your Jira Server instance, you need to install platform on your servers. If you prefer to use the platform that is hosted by us, while being Jira Server/Data Center client, there is an option to do so. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.