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GetInt Jira Server / DC App (native)

In December 2022 we released the first "native" apps for Jira Server and Jira Data Center. Those are apps are built with Atlassian Plugins SDK and are installable directly within your Jira Server / Jira Data Center, among other apps.
Our apps provide whole functionality and logic for integrating Jira with other collaboration software tools like ServiceNow, Azure DevOps, Asana,, GitLab, and more.


  1. 1.
    Log in as an Administrator, and go to Manage Apps in your Jira.
  1. 2.
    Find one of our integrations apps (choose the one fitting your case, f.e. Azure DevOps Jira integration) and start the Free Trial, as shown below.
  1. 3.
    Select Manage Apps from left side menu and make sure that you have valid license enabled for our app that you have just installed
  2. 4.
    Once it is installed, refresh the page. You will notice the GetInt section on the left side of the vertical menu. Click on a link.
You will be navigated to a dedicated page of the app.
Now, You can start building your integrations!

Starting the synchronisation

Just after installation, app is starting a scheduled job. This Job is responsible for running created integrations and performing cleanups of data.
Jira Data Center
For the Jira Data Center that runs on more than 1 node, there is a cluster lock to make sure GetInt is running on 1 node at a time.

App Data

GetInt stores integration configurations and information about synced items in the database. For each integration run and sync of an item, GetInt generates a log file that contains all detailed information which is very helpful when it comes to analyzing errors or providing support by the GetInt team.
The following tables are created by GetInt for storing the configuration, and the data about performs syncs:
  • getint_connections
  • getint_integrations
  • getint_runs
  • getint_syncs
  • getint_steps
  • getint_artifacts
  • getint_per_artifacts
  • getint_syncs_errors
  • getint_tenant_info
Log files
Logs contain useful information about what actions were executed to synchronize a given item.
Location of logs directory:
  • if JIRA_HOME directory contains the log directory, then in log directory will be created getint directory
  • if the JIRA_HOME directory does not contain a log directory, then directly in the JIRA_HOME directory will be created the getint directory
Clean up
Even every single run of the integration is stored in the database and generates a log file. If there are several integrations running hundreds of times per day, it can generate a large number of files and DB records. GetInt provides a way to define the maximum time for keeping the trail data (in DB and logs).
1) Go to the Setting page (select it from the main menu)
2) Provide maximum number of days of how long the data will be kept
3) Save the change
Once the maximum days number is defined, the Scheduled Job will perform a cleanup every 8 hours (it may take some time before the first cleanup to be executed after you define it)

Features differences

For Jira Server/DC native apps there is still few features that are not yet enabled / available. For example:
  • Bulk Resync
  • Advanced Scripting
  • Background job status preview
  • Notifications
Integration interval
For Server/DC apps integration interval that is defined in the settings (like below), is a desired interval of integration runs. Although, background job that runs integration is controller by Jira logic and its up to Jira when exactly this job will get permissions to run. So in practice, interval can be higher than what is defined in settings.


As always, good practice is to test apps on some dev or local environments (instead of production one). For this you can either download Jira and deploy it on some temporary machine or own computer. You can also use dockerized Jira During Jira setup, when asked for license you can also use Timebomb licenses This should make whole installation process easier.


On uninstall
  • GetInt stops scheduled jobs and syncs won't be performed anymore
  • Logs files are not removed