Prepare for integration

Setting Up Service Accounts

Before initiating an integration with Getint, one critical step is to prepare and set up Service Accounts in the systems you plan to integrate. Service Accounts act as the bridge through which Getint accesses and synchronizes data between different platforms. Here’s a guide on how to effectively prepare these accounts:

Choose the Right Account Type:

  • Opt for dedicated Service Accounts rather than personal user accounts. Service Accounts are designed to facilitate automated processes and integrations, ensuring uninterrupted service and more controlled access.

Grant Adequate Permissions:

  • Ensure that these Service Accounts have the necessary permissions to perform required actions in each system. This typically includes creating, updating, and managing tasks or issues.

  • Admin-level access is recommended for the most comprehensive functionality, although it's not mandatory. The key is that the account can perform all actions required by Getint, like data synchronization and updates.

Secure Account Credentials:

  • When setting up Service Accounts, secure their credentials (username and password/token). These credentials will be used by Getint to authenticate and interact with the connected systems.

  • Treat these credentials with the same level of security as you would for any sensitive access information.

Document and Maintain:

  • Keep a record of the Service Accounts you've created for integration purposes. Document their purpose, associated systems, and any relevant details.

  • Regularly review and maintain these accounts. Update credentials periodically and ensure they’re in line with your organization's security policies.

Test the Accounts:

  • Before finalizing the integration setup, test the Service Accounts to ensure they have the appropriate level of access and can perform all intended functions successfully.

By carefully preparing your Service Accounts, you establish a secure and efficient foundation for the integration process with Getint. This preparation is a crucial step towards ensuring a smooth, seamless integration experience.

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